A place for people with pancreatic cancer

Information, ideas and resources to help you to live as well as possible…

PanSupport has been designed by people living with pancreatic cancer for people who are living with pancreatic cancer.

PanSupport focuses on your care and relationship with your treating team, advice on managing pancreatic cancer symptoms (such as with diet and fatigue) and about activities that can give you a lift and strengthen your mental health. There is information for carers and about organisations, support groups and tools that could steady you. The practical things, help at home, financial matters and planning ahead (advance care planning, wills and superannuation) are also included.

We hope PanSupport can be your online companion. 

PanSupport is proudly brought to you by Pancare Foundation

Proudly brought to you by Pancare Foundation

In collaboration with University of Melbourne, RMIT University and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre with funding from Cancer Australia.

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Thank you to the people living with pancreatic cancer and their families for their enormous contribution to this project.

For more information on living with Pancreatic Cancer or to speak with someone, please contact Pancare Foundation