Preparing for and coping when someone close to you is dying or has died is a very significant event in our lives.​

Family and carers will experience a loss (bereavement) when your loved one has died from pancreatic cancer.​

You may have shared in and cared for your loved one at the end of their life, and for many this will have been a great privilege.​

It will now be about finding ways to live with that loss. Grieving for your loved one is normal and we all experience this in different ways, it may affect your emotions, wellbeing and behaviours. ​

The period of grief can also occur over very different timeframes for each individual – so be patient with yourself.​

If you feel like you are getting stuck in your grief it is important to get some support – speak to a trusted friend or your GP for advice.​

Be gentle with yourself, you re doing the best that you can.

The Cancer Council Understanding grief (pdf) is a guide for family and friends when a loved one has died of cancer.

Griefline provides support and a range of counselling options for all people experiencing grief and loss.