Clinical Trials

A clinical trial is a carefully designed research study that investigates whether a new test or treatment is safe and effective for people with cancer. ​

A clinical trial may give you access to treatments or drugs that you may not usually have access to.

If you are interested in knowing whether there is a clinical trial that is appropriate for the type of pancreatic cancer you have you can ask your treating doctor (your oncologist) if there is a clinical trial that may be suitable for you. ​If there is you may need to be referred to a major cancer center that is conducting the trial.

On the Cancer Australia website you can search for current Australian and New Zealand Cancer Trials and find out more about taking part in trials.​
The Cancer Council’s clinical trials resources page also has general information about clinical trials.


Tele-trial cancer care increases access to clinical trials closer to home for people living in rural and remote areas by using telehealth to link regional centres to primary cancer trial centres. Whilst this is currently happening in a limited way the aim is for tele-trials to expand in Australia.

I find patients want to be considered for trials but there’s very little information that’s easily available for patients of what trials are occurring, and am I suitable for them?

Mehrdad, pancreatic cancer surgeon

Participating in clinical trials is discussed in this video.