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Finding the positives

Families and experts spoke with us about the power of being as positive as possible. They said that being positive, “getting a lift” was a really important aspect of coping.

It can be as simple as having a laugh to lift your spirits or looking forward a special family gathering or event that is upcoming. They were clear that this was not about being unable to say that you are sad or worried, but looking for and finding good things in life can be empowering and may help with feeling that we have some control. ​

Here are some of the ideas that people affected by pancreatic cancer had about coping in the day to day:

Chris's story about living in the day to day with pancreatic cancer.

It was a shock, yeah, it was a shock. I think from day one we both said to each other OK, until they give us bad news we just going to keep going forward. And we’ve (my wife and I) have always been on the same page about being positive and not dwelling on the negative side of things

Damien, 56yrs with pancreatic cancer

I am good, I don’t worry, we are going good. I say don’t worry to my wife……. we are going good. Then you start to believe it, you know, you are more happy

Spiros, 71yrs with pancreatic cancer

I am trying to live one day at a time and its like the best antidote of anything, living one day at a time you know

Ishan, 75yrs with late stage pancreatic cancer.

You see it quite a bit, people seem to cope better when they are more positive. They will find what is most important to them – and end up getting more hugs than handshakes

Mehrdad, pancreatic surgeon