If you want to overcome the stress of life, live in the moment, live in the breath

Meditation & Mindfulness

The positive attitude part of it is important. The psychological support is essential, but there’s also good literature out there, that mindfulness and relaxation therapies are of benefit. It’s probably of benefit in everyone’s life, but even more so in patients with pancreatic cancer.

Mehrdad, pancreatic surgeon

Stress and distress can be overwhelming. Techniques that can help you be in the present moment can help you manage these negative feelings. ​

Mindful relaxation is a way of learning to calm the mind and the body using various relaxation and breathing techniques, meditation and mindfulness exercises.

It helps manage thoughts and feelings by focusing on what is happening in the present moment – so the exercises can involve focusing on your breath, counting your breaths in and out slowly, or seeing particular images and scenes in your minds eye (called Guided Visualisation). ​

Anyone can try mindfulness & meditation. You can join groups or go to classes to learn some of these mind/body techniques or use meditation and mindfulness Apps such as:​

Headspace – Find your calm with meditation made simple ​
Smiling Mind – Making everyday mindfulness accessible to all

Benefits of meditation & mindfulness​

An activity that I have been doing for some time is meditation. It helps me to look at things objectively and then to separate out issues that are not important. It helps me to sleep, work and think about things. Its totally supported me .

Graham, 56yrs living with pancreatic cancer

Research has shown that meditation can reduce depression and pain.

Mindfulness is now being taught in schools and offered in workplaces across Australia.

When we were developing this website, people living with pancreatic cancer told us that meditation and mindfulness were very beneficial for them.

Meditation was something that I got heavily involved in prior to my Whipples operation and when I was in hospital. I’d listen to lots of relaxation and meditation Apps. And when I came home from hospital I had a lot of trouble sleeping so they really helped me. And even now if I have trouble sleeping I connect to a meditation App. They’re really helpful.

Natalie, 46yrs with pancreatic cancer