The support I got at work was massive, it was invaluable Damien

My Workplace

It is very important for some people with pancreatic cancer to get back to work.​

Natalie found it hard but it was the best option for her:

I went back full time. Some days I felt very, very tired, looking back it was a really hard thing to do. But I think for me mentally it would’ve been harder to be in the house on my own. I think it was the best thing I probably did, was going back.

Natalie 46yrs, mother and teacher with pancreatic cancer

Working part-time or shorter days can be good.

Having open communication with employers and colleagues so that they understand what you need can be challenging in some workplaces.

Social Workers are experts in negotiating routines back to work during or after cancer treatment.​ You can ask your specialist nurse or doctor to put you in touch with a social worker.

I have been very lucky with work. All my employers have been very supportive and I’ve held nothing back. I am quite happy to explain my medical condition. And no it doesn’t affect my work, the quality of my work is higher than it was in the past so there is no detrimental effect at all.

Graham, father and lawyer with pancreatic cancer