Its important to offer a word of caution about some online groups. Note that messages or advice posted may be based on the experience of one individual only, or may not be from a credible source so it may not be accurate.

Online support

These online resources may be useful for you and your situation.​

  • Whipple Warriors – the target group for this worldwide facebook group is people who have had a Whipple procedure to treat their pancreatic cancer​
  • A Common Path: Pancreatic cancer – this is a series of filmed pancreatic cancer stories – note that Tareanna has the rarer form of neuroendocrine (NETs) pancreatic cancer
  • Cancer Council Online Community – patients, families and carers can join these online forums to share stories and questions with others affected by cancer​
  • Pancreatic Cancer UK – this support organisation in the United Kingdom has a website with accurate information and good advice for people affected by pancreatic cancer​