After rain there is a rainbow, just like after pain a relief  Anhuma


Pancreatic cancer can cause a range of symptoms. The type of symptoms and where they occur can be different for everyone.

Pain can be general discomfort or more severe pain that is in the back or in the stomach. There are many very effective treatments for pain. Pain can usually be controlled with different treatments. Depending on the cause of the pain, these can include painkillers, radiotherapy or interventions such as nerve blocks.

If you have pain that is not responding to treatment, tell your doctor or nurse. When pain is left unmanaged it can cause nausea, poor sleep, weight loss, decline in function and depression.

Palliative care treatment aims to improve comfort and quality of life for people with a serious illness, this includes reducing and managing pain for people with pancreatic cancer

The use of Medicinal Cannabis (pdf) for relief of cancer symptoms such as pain and nausea (and as an appetite stimulant) is being discussed and trialled in Australia currently – your oncologist or GP can discuss this with you. An authorised medical prescriber of cannabis would have to prescribe this for you, if this is an appropriate way of managing your symptoms.

Some people will find other ways of dealing with pain using massage, meditation, breathing exercises, distraction or hypnosis.

I had pain in the stomach initially. Once the chemo started the pain went away. There is no pain now, I don’t feel like I have cancer. There is a weakness in the body though, I think it is from having many chemo treatments.

Ishan, 75 yrs with pancreatic cancer