A diagnosis of pancreatic cancer can be difficult to hear and to come to terms with

Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is a complex disease that is not well understood by many people. Because symptoms are usually not experienced until the cancer is quite advanced, it is a very hard diagnosis to hear, leaving people feeling shocked and frightened. ​

Cancer can turn your world upside down.

In our project we met people with the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer who were managing to live as well as is possible. Some of these people affected by pancreatic cancer have worked with us to develop this website, to help people find the information and support they need to live well each day.​

​For reliable information about diagnosis, testing and treatment of pancreatic cancer the following resources are recommended:​

Understanding Pancreatic Cancer (pdf) Cancer Council Australia, 2018.
Patient Handbook: For people affected by pancreatic cancer (pdf) Pancare Foundation, 2015.
What to expect – Pancreatic cancer includes information about best care at each stage of pancreatic cancer treatment and beyond (in multiple languages).

Actually when they told me I really couldn’t believe it. Yeah..... I had to get used to having a tumour. I was confident with the process the doctors followed in terms of diagnosing.... so that made me more comfortable and helped me accept it.

Navin, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer


There is a lot of research going on in Australia and overseas investigating new ways to detect and treat pancreatic cancer. These research studies change and update rapidly so it is best to speak to your cancer doctor (oncologist) about studies that may be relevant to the pancreatic cancer that you have.

Dr Michael Michael talks about pancreatic cancer research in this video.