Spiritual practices can help in coping with difficult experiences


Spirituality is a broad concept which has many perspectives. ​
Generally it includes a sense of connecting to something bigger than ourselves, and can involve looking for meaning in life. It is a universal human experience—something that touches us all. ​

Some people find their spiritual life is linked to a church, temple, a higher being, prayer, the practice of yoga or meditation. ​

Others find meaning and purpose through connection to nature or art. For Indigenous Australians, country (the land) has a strong spiritual connection. ​

Writing or journaling are also ways of connecting to your experiences and the world around you.​

Your own definition of spirituality may change through your life, adapting to your experiences and relationships – sometimes people with a life-limiting illness feel the need to connect with their spiritual self. ​

spirituality - Budda statue in garden

This was Graeme’s experience:

About twelve months into the journey he started to question life. He made contact with a church and became a Christian before he passed away. I think when your life’s going to end you do start wondering, is there something more and should I pursue it, which he did. That was very calming to him.

Wendy, carer of Graeme with pancreatic cancer