Having a support group to talk about what you're going through was important for me Anonymous​

Support groups

You may want to connect with support groups with other patients  affected by pancreatic cancer and their family members. These groups meet together regularly to catch up with peers and guest speakers may provide further information and support to the group.

Many people find the social aspect and support from peers in these groups very helpful. The sharing of stories and how others cope can be enlightening and they learn about things they can apply to their own lives.

I don’t have family. The Salvation Army social group in Seymour and the Pancare telephone hook up are my lifeline at the moment.

James 83yrs, with pancreatic cancer

If you do not have close family or you live in a rural or isolated area connecting with a pancreatic cancer telephone support group facilitated by professionals may be beneficial for you. There are patient, carer and advanced cancer support groups you can join. ​

The telephone hookup is on for an hour every fortnight. Most have had Whipple, some haven’t, some are in the last stages, only got a few months to live, and some are like me, I don’t feel sick.

James 83yrs, with pancreatic cancer, lives in regional Victoria