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Support organisations

Family, friends and carers are important people in your life. When you are unwell they provide you with support. There are other important sources of support available to you. These include support organisations, support groups, peers and buddies and online support.​

Organisations providing support​

The Pancare Foundation supports people (both patients and family members) affected by pancreatic cancer across Australia. Pancare supports research and delivers programs to address individual and changing patient needs, from the point of diagnosis through to treatment and beyond.​

A nurse specialist or patient services coordinator at the Pancare Foundation can talk with you and answer any questions that you might have. It can be really useful to talk with a person who is aware of the issues people with pancreatic cancer face.
Contact Pancare on 1300 881 698​.

As well, the Cancer Council works with all people with cancer throughout Australia. They can be easily contacted on  13 11 20. If you or your family have any questions they will send information to you and can connect you with support services in your own area. ​

WeCan is also a “one-stop-shop” that navigates people, no matter where they live, to information, resources and support services they may need following a diagnosis of cancer.

A lot of enquiries would be for support, whether that be a patient or a carer. It was someone to chat to for a bit of reassurance or to talk things through.

Rebecca, nurse specialist