Help at home

Some of your neighbours and family members will offer a hand with practical things at home. But there are always lots of things that need doing. ​

The Pancare Foundation or a social worker can head you in the right direction to getting help in your home or with your garden and house maintenance.​

You local council may also have some services that you are eligible for – it is best to contact them directly and talk to them about your individual situation and how they might be able to offer some support.​

Families have told us that it usually takes quite a bit of paperwork to complete and quite a bit of time before you are able to get some assistance at home.

You could also use a free online roster Gather My Crew as a way of coordinating offers of practical help and support.


Utilities (gas, electricity and water) companies can be contacted directly to ask for fee relief​.


There will be times when you don’t feel up to buying fresh ingredients and cooking. There is a good range of fresh and frozen nutritious meals and soups available from your local supermarket or health food store There are also businesses who deliver meals to the door. ​

Having a few ready-made meals available in the freezer may work well for you and your carers.

The family pulled together to help Mum and Dad ourselves. Had Dad been home longer Mum would have benefited from having some odd jobs done and meals prepared.

Andrew, carer for his dad with pancreatic cancer